Neiman, Jerry & Chris – 1978 Pontiac Firebird

Neiman, Jerry & Chris - 1978 Pontiac Firebird

We have owned this car for several decades.  It is a tribute to my sister-in-law who lost her battle with breast cancer.  Her original car had too much rust to consider restoring.   It took a while, but I found a suitable replacement.  There are many parts from the original car.

The restoration took place in 1994.  I fully disassembled the car… even removing the paint.  I remember driving the car to my paint guy just as a shell - no front clip, no doors, no interior except the drivers seat.  On Christmas Eve of that year, I remember getting the call that it was painted and ready to take home.  It took until early spring to reassemble everything.

On the maiden voyage, I learned that sitting for a year was not good on the motor.  It needed to come out for a rebuild.  It was only a couple of weeks before the car was back on the road.

In 2021, I decided to have it repainted.  After nearly 30 years, there were some issues starting to show in the paint.

I really enjoy this car because it’s different.  You see a lot of Trans Ams, but almost never see a base model.  Only 13% of the cars made that year were base models.  I like to be different.



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